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WatchForum Rules:

We, members of WatchForum, pride ourselves as ardent practioners of free speech. Viewpoints of all kinds are welcomed. Posts with substance that are written in proper English are highly encouraged.
  • New members should post an introduction thread, as it is a courtesy and allows for other posters to understand their backgrounds and collecting interests.
  • No personal attacks or insults. Be respectful of others' choices.
  • Discussion of religon or politics is prohibited.
  • The sale of replica (fake) watches is prohibited.
  • Posting photos of firearms (mentioning them in discussion is fine), using offensive language, sharing memes, and uploading explicit content are prohibited. We may consider introducing a distinct sub-forum for firearm-related content in the future.
  • Most importantly, have fun, make friends, and deepen your knowledge! Together, we have a shared goal of building a permanent home here on WatchForum we will enjoy for years to come.

Registered Members Are Able To:

  • Easily search the forum's content by keyword or author.
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  • Access our rich Resources section, which include listings of trusted watchmakers, movement manuals, and much more.
  • Upload and attach images with lightning speed with our powerful server. You'll love it.
  • Participate in our lively public discussion forums, post thread topics, and have your questions answered by experts.
  • Form friendships and engage in private conversations with members from around the world.
  • Post your own photo gallery and view thousands of photos submitted by fellow members.
  • Gain access to our powerful classifieds forums to buy, sell, and trade watches and parts.

Our Friendly Moderating Staff:

About WatchForum.com:

WatchForum is a close-knit community of watch owners, watchmakers, and collectors. In addition to hosting multiple sub-forums dedicated to renowned brands such as Rolex, Seiko, Omega, IWC, and Patek Philippe, our website serves as a valuable institutional resource, specializing not only in vintage timepieces, but also encompassing watch repair, clocks, and pocket watches. Our members hail from all walks of life, and whether you are an experienced collector or new to the hobby, we welcome you to our family and offer our friendship. Our mission is to rebuild the camaraderie and collegial atmosphere of watch collecting from the 1990's and 2000's that Instagram has lost.

Our History:

The idea for WatchForum started in 2018 when veteran Seiko collectors SeikoForum and RSeiko discussed the idea of showcasing their respective collections using advanced forum software. The website officially debuted as SeikoForum.com in November 2019. Between 2020-2022, the community flourished and experienced significant growth. Recognizing BloominCookie's valuable contributions to the watch collecting community, he was appointed chief resident moderator in March 2022. In January 2023, SeikoForum.com underwent a rebranding and emerged as WatchForum.com. In a monumental move to safeguard the community, SeikoForum acquired the plural WatchForums.com domain name as an insurance policy in June 2023. This action led to the unprecedented consolidation of the internet's two most influential and desirable domain names for watch enthusiasts.