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Dec 9, 2021
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All, I have started to write a manual detailing how I went about constructing the sandwich dials I recently made. In part this is so that with my ancient memory I will have something to refer back to when I wonder "how did I do that?" That is if I remember I wrote it and where I saved it.

I find that as i start to write from my storyboard I am being verbose and going into what my son used to term class lecture mode. Please take a look and the first section (planning for the dial) and let me know if there is any interest in my posting any more of this. I realize i am interested in minutia that other make other want to scream so all comments are requested. If yo want send me your comments as an IM rather than an open reply.


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Chapter 2


  • sandwich dial construction chapter 2.pdf
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I read it over, looks like a solid plan! Please do share your endeavor here for all to see.
Chapter 3 today, not a lot on this one, placing the dial feet into the design and creating a file transfer for use in Fusion 360, next chapter will be the end of design from there we will progress into fabricating the dial.


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Love it. Love the detail. I teach mechanical drawing so I like seeing your drawings. Definitely following to see what comes.
Love it. Love the detail. I teach mechanical drawing so I like seeing your drawings. Definitely following to see what comes.
I find myself getting too bogged down in relaying the details (especially when I got to the Fusion 360 chapter) so many do this, now hold your face like this turn three times withershins, use only your left hand and click 3 times on the icon (ok not that bad but boy did I have an issue with Fusion 360 after cutting my teeth on Cadkey, followed by Autocad, Solid Edge and Catia.
Despite my previous post, I did go into more detail than my editor (my wife) likes. In difference to her I did not go into the excruciating detail of generating and checking the NC code that is needed to run my CNC mill. Some additional changes the detail oriented reader will note is that the design in this chapter does not match the design from the first three chapters. There are a couple of reasons
1. time progresses (I finished the 8215 design)
2. enhancements were noted
alignment features needed to be added to clock the upper layer to the lower since the lower has the dial feet that align it to the movement, the 8215 was about 5 degrees whithershins.
a second 2 mm hole was added to the lower layer also to improve orientation of the pockets when milling them.


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So, are you saying if I order a new 8215 you will cut a face for a fee???
I do not make dials as a business. If you have a need for a dial and a concept of what you want (added to it is something that interests me) then I might work with you to make a dial. But not for $$$.
Manual portion is over thought I would run a video of making the top layer for the sandwich dial using my laser. Please bear with me as this is the first YouTube video I ever made, brand new account and all. Do I need to add voice over?


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